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Eastern SierrasEastern Sierras late '70s. 63 KB

Rugged peaksNear the summit on Mt. Whitney 1973. 98 KB

Mammoth MountainMammoth (?) mountain late '70s. 110 KB

Near Mammoth MountainA little further north of the last shot. 126 KB

Mt. RainierMt. Rainier. Some of this series were old and dark, so I've tried to correct the exposure here. 104 KB

Looking south 74 KB

Mt. Hood?Mt. Hood? 41 KB

The view from the top of Mt. RainierThe view from the top of Mt. Rainier 1977. 71 KB

View from the top 76 KB

Glacier flow 96 KB

Glacier flow 91 KB


That's close enough, bear... The bear pictures were taken in the summer of 1979 at Upper Yosemite Valley. This one was about 75-100' away, standard 50 mm lens, don't remember the settings. Again I've tried to correct the exposure since the sun was going down. I think this is a California Brown Bear - the log came up to about my waist height. 195 KB

I smell foodThis bear scarfed on a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, some fruit, and most of a bag of trail mix in about 30 seconds! If I hadn't seen it I wouldn't have believed it. What a chowhound! 168 KB

I am NOT dinner!Favorite titles for this picture: I am NOT dinner! (or ?) 180 KB

Bear closeupA closer view from the first picture. 123 KB

Polar bearThe following shots were taken at the San Diego Zoo (no bars on the enclosure). 79 KB

Zzzz... 96 KB

Leopard 110 KB

White tiger 112 KB

Hawk 106 KB

BisonThe sign said bison, not buffalo. This picture was taken near Buffalo Bill's Grave, just up the hill from Denver, Colorado, Mar. 2000. Lots of buffalo, excuse me, bison chips around. 175 KB

LlamaNice pet. Dillon, Co., Mar. '97. 112 KB

Smiling ElephantDel Mar Fair June 2000 143 KB

Orangutan - Ken?Ken? - SD Zoo, July 2000 126 KB

Four-footers with spikey heads - Gazelles?Some kind of gazelle? 174 KB


BuildingThese pictures were taken in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1977. I have no idea what this building is, I just thought it was an interesting design. 89 KB

Simon Fraser Univ.Simon Fraser University, B.C. 58 KB

BuildingApartment building (in Denver). 81 KB

Fraser riverThe Fraser River. 72 KB

Skiing Skiing The Ramp, Mission Gorge158 KB, 95 KB, 169 KB


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